Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What grounds me?

It must be the simple things!! That is what keeps my perspective. The month of March is just ridiculously busy for me. Totally my fault. I have over booked myself by committing to a lot of big things; weddings, events, plays, sewing projects, trips, etc. All of them are things I really want to be a part of, but I didn't consider the time, effort and money that all of these things would take from me. To be honest I am just worn out and none of it has happened yet, just all the preparation. lol

So I have noticed that I am not reading my scriptures or saying my prayers like I use to. I am not giving the proper attention to my children like I should, and I have stopped working out. Hmmmmm now I wonder why I feel empty, tired and frustrated. I was going through some of our family photos and came across this little video of my Benjamin, now 2yrs old. He loves music. I often find him sitting at the piano playing for himself while he sings.

Ok so it gave me perspective. The simple little things like this video remind me of what really keeps me grounded. Small moments like this that make me smile and I forget all the silly things that I think are so much more important. So thanks Benny for reminding Mommy how easy it is to allow "things" to distract me from what I know I need. I need my relationship with my Heavenly Father to be good...I need the relationship with my Husband to be good... I need the realtionship with my children to be good..., and I need to give my self down time so I can be good with myself. :)

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