Monday, June 29, 2009

Fathers day

Late on the post but here is some Fathers day pics. Isaac made Bryan a snake out of clay. It was hilarious cause he was sooooo excited for Bryan to open it that he opened the gift himself. The kids thought is was the coolest joke ever to give Daddy a snake.

Katie drew a picture of Bryan. I totally love this.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Thanks Melissa.

Thanks to Melissa Sabin for having a birthday and giving us an excuse to go out. Sometimes it is nice to go out one on one with a good friend. We went and had a pedicure. I have only had one other pedicure in my life and that was before my wedding, so this was a fun treat. Don't our feet look pretty. lol

I think I like the picture of my feet better. lol It was such a stress free fun night. Thanks Melissa.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wade's Funeral

We went to Spokane last weekend to see some family. My Uncle Wade passed away and so my Uncle Kevin, standing behind me, had a little party in honor of Wade. It was so awesome to see some of my family. My parents, older sister Jenni and youngest brother Andrew came out to meet us there. Man I really miss being around my family. It is always so much fun.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Amy Chruch and Bryan Thulin

Bryan and I met our freshman year of High school in 1989 in Southern California.
We were good buddies but he moved away only after living there for one year. We kept in touch by snail-mail AKA regular mail. lol

Our first official date was Kent Meridian Senior Prom. Bryan flew me up from California to go to prom with him. It was then in 1993 that we had our first kiss. Actually it was in the Scenic Hill grave yard. I know how romantic...NOT.

After graduation Bryan served a mission in San Bernadino, Ca which was right next to the area I lived. However I was at Dixie College in St. George Utah during this time. I did go visit him in Washington after he had gotten home from his mission.

Shortly after this, in the winter of 1996, I left on my mission to Temple Square in Salt Lake City. Bryan came down to California for my farewell, well back when they did them still. :) He then went up to attend BYU. He stopped by the Square only a few times. We never really dated seriously or anything so it wasn't weird to see him. He usually came with other people too.

In the winter of 1998 I went up to spend Thank-mas with his family. This is Thanksgiving and Christmas combined. It was a little awkward. lol
We were not really even dating and his Mom insisted that I be a part of their family photos. On the back of this photo his Mom wrote, "You look like you belong in this picture." Maybe she knew something that Bryan and I didn't.

About a year later I decided to move up to Utah to date him. This was in the Spring of 1999. We had barley stated to date when his parents decided to use us to help them do family sealing. They came down to do them in the Manti Temple, which is were they were married. Oh and did I mention it was their anniversary. Boy was that uncomfortable. I was just starting to date this guy and the next thing I knew I was kneeling over an alter with his parents. Of course it was in proxy for a parent child sealing but awkward!

Well something worked because we got pretty serious after that. I don't think we were ever separated unless it was absolutely necessary. Bryan just made me laugh...all the time. He was such a dork, but so stinkin' hot.

We had a family picture in which my Mom insisted that Bryan be a part of. Our Mothers had allot of faith in our relationship working out I guess.
In August of 1999 we took a trip to California so Bryan could ask permission from my Dad to marry me.

We were married on June 9,2000. Our wedding was so much fun. I love that it was a foreshadow of the kind of life I was going to have.

I have to say that not only is he still just as much fun as ever, but he still gives me butterflies when I see him. I mean come on the guy is pretty dang hot.

I am so happy that I chose him. We are still buddies and have so much fun together. Happy 9 years Bry. I still love ya tons.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Playing with Oscar

Saturday we got to play with our cousin Oscar. The kids always have so much fun with him. We were all cracking up here cause he was so determined to push Katie in the little car. He didn't know she was helping him with her feet. lol

I love how well He and McKenzie get along. These two were playing quietly for about an hour. When Kristi and I went in to see what they were doing we found this. They had totally emptied the toy drawers and covered Kennie's legs. Too stinkin' cute.