Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How am I gonna see it?

The reason I posted this picture is because it can be good or bad. Some people see the snow as a pesky nuisance that just gets in their way. It causes everyone to slow down in a world where everyone is in a hurry.

Well that's just what I love about it. I see it as a beautiful cover up of the reality below. It causes everyone to slow down and pay attention to what is going on around them. The world seems to become quiet and peaceful. I see a calming excuse to sit around a fire and play with my kids.

Lately I have been just so weighted down with people who need. People I truly love and feel their pain. I am burdened with the anguish of not being able to really help them and I find myself often on my knees about them. The frustration of not knowing the big picture and having so many unanswered questions to why things do or do not happen.

I guess it is like the snow. Ya, it is cold and miserable when I sit in it and dwell over the many people who drive so slow. Not to mention the dirty mud mixed into it all. And if I am out in it too long, I freeze my butt off. But really it isn't so bad when my babies are all puffed up in snow close laughing and playing. And if I go inside and look at it from an different perspective it all changes. Sitting by the warm fire looking out the window it is beautiful. I guess perspective is important. How we choose to look at things makes all the difference. I don't have all the answers. THANK HEAVENS! Man, I would never be let alone if I did. lol Sometimes searching for the answers is what causes the greatest strength in each of us.
Just how I am feeling to day.