Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Baby talk is my favorite!!!!

Fat lip.

If you can see the little cut on his cheek there. He has another one inside his upper lip. He'll be fine, but a word from the wise...7 month olds can't stand on their own. lol

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Good one Mommy

Missy and her cute baby, Brody, have been up visiting for a while now. We have been spending all the time we can possibly find with them. The kids just adore him, and I think Isaac has a secret crush on Missy. Who can blame him.

When ever Brody is around Isaac and Katie are all over the kid. They giggle and laugh at his little noises and farcical expressions. We are all just so in love with him. Well Sunday we all went up for his blessing in church. Afterwards we went to the Grandparents for family get together and photos of course. It was nap time and the kiddos were all Hungary so photos were a bit tough. In all the craziness I picked up Kenzie in one arm and Benny in the other arm and headed down stairs to get them changed. I put both kids on their feet so they could stand and get dressed. Do you see my mistake? I put them on their FEET TO STAND. BENNY CAN"T STAND. So he face planted into the couch and split his lip. Kenzie was crying cause of all the commotion, and I didn't' realize Benny was bleeding. It was all over my church clothes and I only fit into a small number of shirts these days. lol. Poor Benny and his bloody lip. If that isn't bad enough he has already been sick. Last night he was up all night throwing up and with the runs. Then Mommy drops him on his face. Good job Mommy. ha ha ha It's a really good thing babies forget all this stuff we do wrong.

So in memory of him prior to the fat lip, here's a picture of the cute litle guy. Remember that 7 month old babies don't usually have the ability to stand.
Duh... Mommy!!
I'll get pictures of his lip in the morning. I didn't have the heart to take pictures yet.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ok... I'm over it.

Sorry about the drama earlier. I'm a bit hormonal. lol Thanks for all the kind words and for not being judgemental. We all have those days where we wake up and say "this is my life?" Then realize we like it this way. Love you all.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mommy blues

I don't like to be chubby. I know, I know what you are thinking "then do something about it" I get that. You see before I had children I would wake up at about 7:30am and go for a jog with my pooch. It was sunny and nice outside and I would just run and think. Now I get maybe 4 hours of sleep at night, I am up with sleepy eyes at about the same time 7:30am, but it is a whole new world. I wake up to either a crying baby or a 4 yr old boy begging to play the WII. Then I wake up Katie and fight her about getting ready for school. Then I make 3 bowls of cereal, open one can of baby food and feed the masses. Next I rush to make Katies lunch, cause I always forget to do it the night before, and listen to her cry while I attempt to brush her hair. Hair brushing isn't a Chinese torture treatment, but man you would thing so by the way she acts. Finally she is off to school, LOVE CARPOOLS!!!!
Then it's back to the kitchen to clean up all of the spilled cereal and milk. Usually by this time Ben, the baby, has decided that he must be attached to my hip. So now I attempt to do dishes with one hand. I usually give up and go get the kids dressed, there is usually a few phone calls to answer in there. I have to admit that these calls from friends help me to NOT beat the children sometimes. So their lives are owed to you. lol
Now usually I take a few minutes and let everything go and jump on facebook or blog. During this time there is usually a few fights and a crying baby. Now it's like 10:00and I haven't eaten breakfast and I am still in my PJ's.
I'm sure that there are a million and one things I am doing wrong, and everyone has advice to how to make changes. But reality is I just don't have it in me to get up at 5:30am to workout, especially when I am usually up at about 3:30 to feed Ben. I have tried the workout at night thing...by about 4:00pm I am soooo tired that the idea of the treadmill just bugs me. The only thing I really do these days is WII fit, which I love cause I can play it with Isaac in the mornings.
So I am chubby, I am a bit lazy maybe and I am defiantly unmotivated. I am not really looking for advice, cause let's face it I probably won't take it. I knew being a Mommy was going to be a challenge. I knew that I would not be skinny forever, and I also know that it is ok to feel crappy once and a while. So what is my silver lining? What is my goal to work toward?
My kids won't be little like this forever. They are growing up so fast and I don't want to miss any of it. I spend a lot of time just playing with my kids. I am doing a little bit of exercise and I do eat a lot healthier. So maybe now is my time and season to bond with my babies. It is hard to have little ones. Sometimes it feels like they suck the life out of me. But really they are my life right now. Maybe I can focus more on how much fun I do have with them. I can worry about getting fit when they are in school and I am looking for things to do during the day. Actually that makes me feel a lot better. :) I just need to take it slow and be ok with taking it slow. Do what I can for now and decide to be happy.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Look what I can do!

This is Daddy's little trick. He does this with all of the kids at this age. I just love it, and so do the babies.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

At it Again.

So either she is just really slick or I am a bad mom. Ummm don't answer that question though. McKenzie, McKenzie, McKenzie... I WAS MAKING DINNER!!!! I guess I wasn't fast enough. She snuck in, grabbed the rice crispys oops I mean crispy rice, and made her own little snack. She could have at least opened the box on the right side. Now it is opened at both ends. Lucky for her she is stinkin' cute.

"Don't worry about me Mom I've already got it covered."

Monday, March 16, 2009

Just Keeps gettin' Better

Wednesday is Bryan's birthday. I was looking through some old photos of us and realized that I am still just totally in love with this guy. What is even more fun is that I genuinely like him as a person. I mean that I enjoy his company and feel that he is my favorite person to hang out with. Dorky as is sounds he really is my best friend. I guess I am just feeling grateful for him lately.
So happy birthday Big-B.

He still gives me butterflies.

Friday, March 13, 2009


So Isaac was playing a video game and I heard Ben giggling and making all sorts of noise. When I went in to check on them I saw that he too was "playing" the game. I asked Isaac what he was doing and he said "Benny was board just sitting here so I gave him a bamote (remote)" Oddly enough Isaac was right... Benny just wanted to play too.

At leat they are playing together. :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Glad I'm not the only one.

Ok so I was talking to my Sister this morning and the funniest thing happened to her. Due to a distraction (me) she locked her keys in her car. She called AAA to get someone out to unlock her door for her and when they were in the process of this fun task she noticed that BOTH of her back doors were indeed unlocked. I sure hope that AAA guy was hot cause she paid for that service. ha ha ha
I have totally done stuff like that. I am just glad I got to laugh at her for it.