Friday, July 31, 2009

My lullaby

Years ago I have a really good friend who wrote a song for me. Funny thing is that I still sing this song to my kids as a lullaby. I have changed some of the words tough. Well this friend recently got a hold of me and we were talking about the song. When he found out I still sing it he wanted to know how I changed the words to make it for my kids. So Erik this is for you. lol

If I knew of a way to capture you smile,
You would never see me down again.
If I knew what to say to keep you mine
You would hear those words time and again.

You are the day and the night to me
You are my sunshine and my moonlight
You fill my days with a tender melody
And you bring peace to my nights.

This lullaby was meant from me to you,
Can you see the love in my eyes.
Remember this love will never end
So there's no need for you to cry.

All of the flowers they bloom because of you
Your name on every petal
But those same flowers, they pale in you
My love will outlast them all.

I wrote this little song just for you
I hope you know every word is true
Please remember me when your grown
Cause I'll remember you.

I wrote this simple song just for you
These feelings I have for you not new
You make me laugh you make me cry
When I'm not with you I wonder why

But now you're here right in my arms
I wish it could last forever.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sand Baby

A few weeks ago we went out to Westport to play at the beach. Well it is Washington so it was cloudy and cold. The kids didn't seem to mind a bit though. Here is Benny enjoying the sand. He pooped it out for a few days. lol

Thursday, July 16, 2009

More is coming.

I have been up to my eyeballs in things to do. I have so much I want to post but with my computer on the fritz and trying to find a house in 4 weeks I am not thinking about blogging to much. :) I will be back on track by September. I just gotta' make it through August.