Saturday, January 24, 2009


You really don't know who you're messing with.

Bryan's Scout Camp

Bryan took the scouts on an overnighter to build snow caves. I thought some of these pics were cool so here you go. I'm not sure who this is but it is a really cool picture.

Here are those who went. They got to go snowmobiling. this is how you get into the snow cave. I am a mom of two boys and this just made me so nervous.

Until I saw what they actually slept in. This is why it is better we Mom's just don't know what happens at scout camp. So what happens at Scout camp...stays at scout camp.

Hey Kristen, this pic is so funny. When I saw these of the boys jumping this creek I asked "none of them fell in right?" Bryan shook his head and said "your such a Mom."

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What will he say next?

Isaac is taking a sports class at the YMCA, which is a Christen organization. At the end of class the coaches asked the kids to share something that they cared about. Well, my kids said "I care about Jesus..." I was so proud of him until he quickly followed with ..."cause if you don't care about Jesus you go to Hell." Maybe it's a good thing he thinks that. ha ha ha

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Do you still love them?

How do I even start with my emotions today? Due to respect for a loved one I can't go into detail with my thoughts, so good luck with this post. I have such a hard time with the anger and bitterness in the world today. Why do we try to hurt those who hurt us? I have to watch someone I love dearly be treated like a horrible person. Her name is being drug through the mud and because she is such an amazing person she is just letting it happen, for the greater good. It is so hard to understand why there is so much hate and meanness. I know people get sick of us religious freaks, but wouldn't it be so nice if people actually did act like Jesus? I am starting to really look forward to the day that Jesus is in charge again and we can just be happy. I know, I know I sound like a Miss America candidate with the whole world peace issue. ha ha ha Seriously though wouldn't it be nice to be able to allow your kids to play outside without worrying some creep with take them. Or to be able to go for a jog all by myself along a beach and know that I won't get attacked. People today seem to be fighting a war within themselves. What's worse is that they don't even see it happening until everyone around them gets so sick of the bitterness and negativity that they all leave. Then what is left? Some day he'll see what he has caused, and it will be to late. I must sound crazy but now it's out there so what ever.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

So with all of the flooding in Orting the Governor came down to see what kind of damage occurred. She flew in on this Army Helicopter and I took the kids over to see it. When we went inside Katie said "Now this is freakin' cool." So I guess Mommy needs to be careful how I talk cuz the kids are listening. ha ha ha I'm such a freakin' idiot.

I used a Blogging Consultant

Ok, so Lauralee Chamberlain just came over an took my blogging experience to a hole new level. Now let's see if the hubby and kids ever let me keep up on it.