Monday, October 25, 2010

I like it now.

Ok, so my expression is weird but I wanted to show myself that the hard work is paying off. I have gone from a size 14 to a size 10 since last October. It is a slow steady process that I have been taking. I have changed from eating processed foods and replaced them with more home made items. It takes time but it is worth it. I started with getting rid of a few things in my house. It seems extreme but I threw out the things with High fructose corn syrup, MSG, and any type of Hydrogenated oils. It is surprising how many things have those three ingredients in them. It is also amazing how many easy replacements there are. I am not perfect at it, I still have a few things like fruit sancks and such. I have also really made the effort to make better choices when I eat out. I am finding that my kids and I are liking the healthy choices better then the alturnatives now. They like veggies grilled on the BBQ, and they eat whole wheat bread no problem. Mainly cause it is the only choice. :) We still get cookies and french fries, just not as often.

My point in this post is to remind myself that If I set small realistic goals then I can follow them. I will step it up to the next level soon. That is buying more Organic, but I just can't afford it now. :)

Let's not forget the exersize. I am so lazy. I get board working out to videos. But loosing the inital first 10 lbs was very motivating. I have a few different videos to choose from. They range in different difficulty. I simply pick the one that fits my mood. Which is often lazy lol, but I really try to do something at least 3 days in the week. I hear that 3 days helps maintane and 5 days help you loose. I am loosing though because I have done nothing for so long. :) Pretty soon I will stop loosing and I will have to do more diffucult workouts and more often.

The best part is that now I really like to exercise. I feel better, I get more done in the day, I am more patient with my kids, and I am more turned on for Bryan. (I know gross to you, but it matters for a health marriage.)

So this is my note to self. Healthy eating and regular exercise actally makes me a better person. You know... this is the word of wisdom. People think we Mormons are so crazy for what we believe. Well, I have found the perfect weight loss program. It was givin hundreds of years ago by a Prophet named Joseph Smith. To be honest for those of you who are not members of my faith....I am not preaching... I am stating the facts. :)

So get up and go do something. Even if it is only 10 min a day. You may not get big results but at least you are getting started.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Know what you believe.

An interesting thing this happened to me just now. Some missionaries from the Jehovah's Witness Church just stopped by. I have to admit that I was impressed with how well versed they were in their scriptures. I was embarrassed how horrible I was at being able to reference my own scriptures. I am a returned missionary myself, and I know very little about the scriptures. How pathetic is that? I really do believe that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints is Christs Church. I also believe that it is the ONLY Church with the proper authority to act in Gods name. So with that being said...why am I not studying the words of God? Why don't I know how to teach the truth about the fullness of the Gospel? There is no excuse. A new goal that I am going to set. Pick a topic and study the scriptures. If I claim to be Christian then maybe I need to learn more about my Master. Just saying. :)