Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ooohhh become like little children

My little family has been though a crazy few months lately...and it is not over yet. I have been....let's just say I have been complaining just a bit about it all. I have been so focused on the injustice and burden it all is that I have lost sight of the bigger picture.

Well thank heavens for children.

At a particularly low time for me my 7 yr old put me in check. We knelt down for family prayer, Katie said it, she basically just thanked the Lord for everything. I mean all of the things we DO have going for us.

She thanked Him that we had a place to stay, that they had cool air mattresses to sleep on. She was grateful that Daddy has a job that makes money for us to get toys, and that our family was all healthy.

My eyes were full of tears when she finished. What a humbling moment it was for this whiny Mommy who is only seeing all of the negative. I understand now why we are told in the scriptures to become like a little child. They are pure and see the world in it's purity. So I am also grateful for the things I do have.

I would list them but really there are a lot.