Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Benjamin Cooper

The whole family at the hospital


I am slowly learning how to use blogspot so please be patient. Bryan and I are still in Orting, Washington. We had planned on moving by now to a little bigger home, but with the current market we havn't had much luck selling our home. It is frustrating but what can I do but try and make this house work for us. It is tight with 6 people in 1059 Sq Ft, but lucky for me my kids are pretty little still and I can make it work if I have to. We did have a baby this year. Little Benjamin Cooper was born on aug 18, 2008 (just one day after Isaac's 4th birthday) The kids call him Benny...I am still getting use to that nickname. I am doing well enough and learning how to be a nice Mommy with little sleep and three little ones at home all day. My Katie is in first grade this year and is gone most of the day. I miss her but nap time is nice when the other three are asleep and Katie is at school. I can clean, take a nap or a shower, or I can play online. Anyway I will try to keep this updated better.