Monday, June 13, 2011

Amdrew's back

So my brother Andrew returned from Iraq this week and we were given one day with him. It was so cool to see him again, especially for the kids. Even Benny jumped out of the car and hugged him when we got there. He is doing great. I can't tell you any cool stories though because he couldn't tell us anything. lol Classified. I understand though, so no complaints. There are still guys out there doing a dangerous job and I would never want to do anything to put their missions in jeopardy.

We spent the last part of Sunday on Fort Lewis base. We basically just went to parks and played. It was so much fun.

Andrew is teaching Isaac to me I don't think Isaac got it.

Welcome home to our favorite hero.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Not here to impress.

Ok, I am just sick of my kids. Sorry I know those are the forbidden words for a Mother to ever utter, but...what ever. Some days I am just tired of the whining, crying and fighting. I get tired of give, give, give and then I get very little back. Ya, it is selfish, but once and I while I need to be. Mother's day just isn't enough. Besides my birthday is the week after Mothers day, so everyone thinks I should be ok with just combining the two. NO WAY!!! I only get two days to be selfish a year and I want TWO SEPARATE days. Is that wrong for me to ask? Honestly is it?
I don't exactly have family I can just drop off my kids and go play. Well I take that back, my Sister-in-law is always willing and I try not to over use her. Still it is expensive to hire a sitter for 4 kids. So I just don't get out. Times like this make me really appreciate my Mother. lol She has six of us little monsters, and I know we weren't easy.
Being a Mom is just one of those things that I don't think we really ever truly can prepare for. I thought I knew how I would be. Patient, playful, attentive, loving, and oh so clean. HAH!!! I may be all of those things once and a while but never all at once. It is difficult not to slap the 4 year old who is crying because the 6 year old touched her. Then the 9 year old is lecturing them both because she knows everything. Meanwhile the 2 year old is up coloring on the wall. Then when I tell someone about the 2 year old coloring on the wall they give me this look like "well that's what happens when you don't watch your kids".


So my hope is that I never forget. I don't want to be that judgemental woman who looks in disgust at a little kid throwing an absolute fit in the store. I don't want to have the thought of why the Mother can't control the child or why is the child such a brat. Maybe, just maybe the Mother can't control the child cause if she actually disciplines the child in public then there is worse criticism assuming abuse. Yep, being a Mother is hard. We need more than just one day. It should be a celebration every quarter. Yah, that sounds good. Every three months I get a day off. Why....well if nothing else I DIDN'T kill any of them. haha

I say all of this but then I see them doing something so innocent and sweet. Then all of that frustration melts away with love. Funny how that works huh. I know one day they will be all grown and I will miss them. But that is not today. If I get it off my chest then I am actually a better Mom, so I will blog it. lol

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What grounds me?

It must be the simple things!! That is what keeps my perspective. The month of March is just ridiculously busy for me. Totally my fault. I have over booked myself by committing to a lot of big things; weddings, events, plays, sewing projects, trips, etc. All of them are things I really want to be a part of, but I didn't consider the time, effort and money that all of these things would take from me. To be honest I am just worn out and none of it has happened yet, just all the preparation. lol

So I have noticed that I am not reading my scriptures or saying my prayers like I use to. I am not giving the proper attention to my children like I should, and I have stopped working out. Hmmmmm now I wonder why I feel empty, tired and frustrated. I was going through some of our family photos and came across this little video of my Benjamin, now 2yrs old. He loves music. I often find him sitting at the piano playing for himself while he sings.

Ok so it gave me perspective. The simple little things like this video remind me of what really keeps me grounded. Small moments like this that make me smile and I forget all the silly things that I think are so much more important. So thanks Benny for reminding Mommy how easy it is to allow "things" to distract me from what I know I need. I need my relationship with my Heavenly Father to be good...I need the relationship with my Husband to be good... I need the realtionship with my children to be good..., and I need to give my self down time so I can be good with myself. :)