Friday, February 10, 2012

We decided to drive to California and spend Christmas with my family this last year. It was the first time we have been with my parents for Christmas. So as part of their tradition they do a white elephant exchange. Dad got this....and none of us wanted to take it from him. hahahahahaa I love my Dad. We stayed with my sister Becki in her beautiful house in Laguna Nigel. One warm (to us) morning we took the kids for a walk. hahahaha well it was to hot in the 60 degree weather and my poor children were getting heat stroke. Seriously they are little wooses.
So I had the bright idea to take the kids to Hollywood. I though the walk of stars would be fun. I had forgotten how nasty it is there. hahaha But the kids seemed to enjoy it.
Did you know that Godzilla has a star?!!! I guess they don't mean what they use to. hahaha
I have lots more pics to post...just not enough time right now.


Heather said...

FINALLY! A post!

Heather said...

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